Space L Clottey

Work is fun

Only work is fun.

If you’re worried about not having fun things to do, work.

If you’re worried about games becoming boring, work.

Work is any progress that changes reality around you. Anything that’ll matter after you’ve done it.

Work is the gap between {current reality} and {desirable state}.

The gap is tasks, the tasks are the work.

This week I’ve been setting up my blog with Jekyll, and it’s been some of the most fun I’ve had in many months. Why? Because it lasts. I will be using my Jekyll blog for a long time, and with each extra micro-problem I solve I’m changing the future.

What could be more satisfying than that?

I know it can be really scary, when the things you expect to bring you infinite entertainment actually come and end up… not.

Work doesn’t get old like that.

Go help some people, go learn some things, go and do some work.

It seems Tim Ferris agrees…

The two fundamental components to enjoy life: Continual Learning. Transport skills that you practice domestically to other countries, like sports. Instant social life and camaraderie. Or pick skills that you can practice there, like learning a language Service. Doing something that improves life besides your own.


Space L Clottey