Space L Clottey

I Want to Understand Everything

When all is said and done, and Nature passes her final judgement, you will not be measured by the number of moments in which you worked as hard as you could. You will not be judged by someone rooting around in your mind to see whether you were good or bad. You will not be evaluated according to how unassailable your explanations are, for why the things that you couldn’t possibly have prevented the things that went wrong.

You will be measured only by what actually happens, as will we all.


London, England

What do you do?

I also spend a lot of time reading, learning and questioning things, with the intent to understand every event that’s ever taken place and to be able to predict every remaining one that will.

I’m learning how to program, creating web apps along the way.

I also happen to be attending boarding school, with the intent of having lots of fun and meeting cool people, while learning maths, economics and computer science.

I also blog and make podcasts and stuff.


I am very curious, I like having fun, and I don’t like people suffering.

What should we read?

Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality by Eliezer Yudkowsky

What’s it like to be you?