Space L Clottey

The Loot

Welcome to the website of a squid. That's right: I'm literally a squid. In real life.

Wanna see a picture of me?

Maybe later.

For now just take my word for it. This gets the gist though: 🦑

I'm a squid who's stolen a laptop in order to fulfil my life-long dream of becoming a world famous blogger.

Welcome to You ain't seeing where this one's going.


At this point you may be thinking "What's all this squid business?" and "Hey wait—— this site isn't called!"

If you were to think a bit more you may have decided to indeed visit, realise it's something of a copy of this site and cobble together the pieces with crushing betrayal, saying:

"Hey! Did he migrate all the way from his old site, try to make a new intro page and give up halfway through, choosing instead to lazily copy his old, irrelevant, obselete joke he was so proud of to this new domain without it making any sense?"

Yes reader. Yes I did.

What are you gonna do?

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