Space L Clottey

Listening to Logic

Sometimes your logic is wrong. If you’re logic is wrong, you can still find out and use the correct answers, and update the fact that you are wrong and that there is another correct answer that you don’t know how to reach with your current logic, but you don’t need to change your mind about the logic to still benefit to the new answer.

The way to find out these answers is to try things even when you’re positive you’ll be wrong, but you’re just going to try anyway. This pays off far more often than you would expect, because you are far more often wrong than you expect. You do not know everything, your logic is not perfect.

If you always listen to your logic, you can never figure this out because you’ll never try new unexpected things. You’ll stay in plateus far longer than you need to.

Evidence is an exponentially stronger type of evidence of truth than your logic is. Listen to evidence, be ready at all times to discard your logic. You don’t need to update all at once, just to leave a “LOGIC STILL NEEDED TO EXPLAIN THIS ANSWER” sign here while you still benefit off of the answer.

Try things you think you’ll fail at or fail for so much longer than you need to.

What you actually do screens off your reasons for doing it.

If you’re logic leads to you sitting around in your room doing nothing, you’ll fail.

It’s shooting yourself in the foot, and reloading the gun, and shooting yourself in the foot, and reloading the gun.

“Stop shooting yourself in the foot!” everyone around you cries, but you keep going, insisting, insisting that this horrible pain in your foot CAN’T be because of the gun, that’s just not logical.

There’s only one way to be saved, a singular path:

You have to put the gun down, whether it’s logical or not, and just see what actually happens.

Space L Clottey