Space L Clottey

Your Creations Will Be Unique

First off, you’re already pretty damn unique. 

Every person on earth is a combination of genetics and experiences. There are a lot of ways these things can combine, leading to a lot of diferent people.

But also, the things you consume, and the order in which you consume them. Surely they’re unique to you!

Is there anyone else in the world who’s watched everything you’ve watched, read everything you’ve read, received the same ideas from everyone you’ve spoken to, in the exact same order so they remember the fragments in the exact same clarity and front-of-mindness that you do? 


There’s just too much, man!

When I write, I have the voices of a thousand cartoons in my head, miscellaneous titbits that for one reason or another stood the test of immortality in my brain. Couple that with a bunch of articles and songs, and anything I write at any point of time will surely be a fair bit different than anything I write at another point in time. 

You have such a rich set of experiences being a human being in the age of abundance with a brain that plays with these experiences in ways we don’t understand —  of course it’s gonna be unique!

And the more brain-dumpy you let yourself be, the better. Quote whoever you want, channel whichever voices or half-formed fragments from the things you’ve consumed pop up into your brain. 

Writing, I think, is the ultimate expression of these differences, vecause it costs nothing to add (that’s a lie) between two brackets, something that gives immense joy to me, and little more than slight confusion to most readers.

I quote cartoons mercilessly in conversation and in text. There are absolutely tonnes of references littered gleefully throughout this blog. I know one other person who does this, Schaffrilas Productions (he also gets the benefits of a visual medium and gets to superimpose what he’s referencing visually as he does the impression), and his videos are an absolute pleasure to watch for me largely because of this fact.

No one else can create the things YOU can create. 

And the less you use the “What should this sound like?” filter between brain and page, the more this is true. Remember, there are no rules

Space L Clottey