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Living like Omega

I read something along the lines of:

Omega is completely timeless, and views everything in the past as future as one instant

If you can find this, please send it to me.

I love the sentiment of living in both the past and future at once.

Living in the past means fully feeling the weight of all the mistakes you’ve ever made. A bit like [Living in history] but even just more locally. It’s whenever you’re making a decision having readily available all the memories of all the similar decisions you’ve ever made before, how they turned out and the emotional weight of that, so you can effortlessly incorporate it into your reasoning with system 1.

It’s knowing exactly how and why you got here all the time, knowing exactly what experiences you’re made of and how they’re affecting you.

It’s like having perfect memory.

Living in the future means being as aware as you can of everything that’s going to happen to you, and the path you’re yanking reality onto my doing what you’re doing. It means feeling the disappointment of you the next day now and feeling the impact of your choice that’ll affect you ten years in the future now.

It’s making the best choice available to you using the best information available to you so that you don’t regret anything.

It’s like having future vision.

What if you had perfect memory + future vision? How powerful would you be then?


SuperMemo is largely this. Whenever I’m going through my SuperMemo collection I’m receiving hundreds of messages from past me’s, mostly on what they thought useful or interesting for me to read, but also actually messages and thoughts and ponderings about things.

At the same time while weighing in my two cents and importing more articles and quotes, I’m sending dozens of messages into the future for future me.

I’d like to start putting my diary entries into SuperMemo, my blog posts into SuperMemo, practically everythisng I can. Then I will become a timeless being. Constantly living and reliving the memories of past decisions and sending them into the future.

Unfortunately, this makes it harder to publish and organise than blog posts.

Who wants to design a writer + diary + blogging system?

Space L Clottey