Space L Clottey

My Outside Exploration Hobby

Being outside is the funnest thing in the world for me. 

I usually hop onto my five year old bike with a vague intention of a place to go, taking a book, a notebook and a pen with me.

 After riding towards the vague destination for a while — usually getting incredibly off-course and exploring unexplored territory all around — if I have a lot of thoughts I’ll either just sit and think or bring out my notebook and make a bunch of lists and scribble out thoughts. 

On one such occasion however I didn’t wish to write, so I simply sat on a random bench and watched people pass for a while, peering at the passing clouds and just being in my head, being happy.

I had place I wanted to go that day, a bookstore, but took many detours along to way of interesting places I hadn’t seen before so I couldn’t even make it to the bookstore before sun began to set and I had to start going home. and I had 2 hours, and bookstore was like 20 mins away.

There’s so much to explore, London is so extraordinarily dense I always end up finding new things. Every time, without fa

There is a feeling of palpable, strong, wonder, in exploring.