Space L Clottey



If you don’t care about me or my growth, give me feedback, that makes it all the more valuable.

I received true and proper feedback for the first time today. It was from someone who didn’t know what it meant to me so they didn’t filter at all. It was an issue I had buried in my mind, things so terrifically wrong with a plan that I had selectively forgotten and paid a heavy price for over the past two months. Something so very embarrasing.

The excileration from learning this was like nothing I’ve ever felt.

I actually knew what it meant to become stronger. To actually see a gaping, gaping hole in my conduct. To fail so stupidly, so obviously, and to have someone kind enough to put that failure in front of my face so I can pick it up and go and deal with it.

So don’t worry about hurting me with your feedback. Over a long enough time period, there’s a good chance that’s impossible. You’re only helping me, and I would appreciate it so very much.

It finally clicked that I am, in ways I just don’t see, reloading the shotgun and shooting myself in the foot, and reloading the shotgun again and pulling the trigger again, unable to stop because I DON’T KNOW I’M DOING IT. Other people can see this, you can see this. I’m blind to it, help me see.

Think I’m overselling it?

Let me know.

Space L Clottey