Space L Clottey

Just Delete Your Phone

You don’t need it, or anything on it.

This is the solution to problems of being addicted to things on your phone. 

Reassess your constraints. The problem of phone addiction comes from believing you need these things on your phone in the first place. You don’t. Delete them.

The most notable apps that are my phone usually has installed:

Or at least, these are the ones I end up actually using. I supposedly have tonnes and tonnes more apps but I just never use them and totally forget they’re there. 

They’re all hidden off my home screen and my home screen is black and white with no icon labels. 

My phones not a toy, it’s a tool.

It’s not my master, it’s my servant.

Apps I don’t need

Anything that’s distracting gets deleted.

Distractions get deleted.

You think you need them, but you don’t. Relinquish these things’ control over you. Delete them, for just a week if you need to.


Space L Clottey