Learning is despair’s kryptonite

If you have a habit or desire to continuingly learn no matter what, regardless of how you feel, you’re safe. Long term, you’re fine.

If the stuff you’re learning is sufficiently varied / optimistic, it’s inevitable that you’ll eventually come across a solution to an unhelpful thought pattern you’ve been having.

No matter how dire the inside of your mind becomes, you’re safe, eventually.

But if you’re not learning…

Jesus Christ on cheese on bread.

May no one have mercy on your nothing, because — actually no, I’ll just show you, It’ll stick better that way.

Cup your hand to your ear and point it upwards.

What do you hear?

Nothing. There is nothingness above.

If you’re thinking I should end this with “then pray that nothingness is merciful” then you’re missing the point.

Learn goddamit! It’s the only thing that can save you, your ability to READ.

If it wasn’t for [this book], man, I dunno…