Discovering Community

On the 6th of September 2021 I started boarding school and learnt what all the online communities I had online were trying to mimic.

Strangely, it mostly boils down to one thing: meeting one person in one area, meeting another totally different person in another area, and then seeing them interact in another area.

For example, I once met a Ceaser in the dining hall, and spoke to him about books and people living forever and having foldable phone.

I once met a Mathea in a secret room, and spoke to her about books full of homogenous authors and secret rooms inside secret rooms full of secret books.

And then I saw them hanging out together.

For example,

I once met an Anya in my maths class,

And I once met a Kiril in my form,

And then I saw Anya talking to Kiril in the corridor?

Seemingly, surfacely, having nothing in common, and yet talking to eachother nonetheless.

It’s so much fun, the serindipity of a million tiny interactions with people, and them having the same.

For example,

I once met a Pippa in the dining hall,

And I once met a Celeste during a game night,

And then I saw them eating together! (I’m yet to speak to them both at the same time.)

Everything is interconnected, no relationships exist in isolation, and it’s so freaking great and I love it so much.

I want to meet EVERYONE.

How many people do I know now, who are friends with other people I’m friends with, of whom I have no idea of their own secret relationship?