Space L Clottey

Reassess your constraints

Perhaps around a year ago, I decided I wanted my taskbar on the side, rather than on the bottom.

A while after, my taskbar icons started glitching out, making it require an extra click to see the time & the icons. 

I sunk ages into trying to solve the taskbar icon glitching problem. I tried to write my own macros to fix it, checked on google so many times, asked around on Discord servers. 

Never once did I question the original constraint of having the taskbar on the side. 

I never did solve the problem. In the end I got used to it, but just the other day I was struck with the solution:

To solve the problem, remove the original constraint.

Don’t solve the problem, kill it. 

My taskbar is now on the bottom, and everything is absolutely dandy.

Looking back, I’ve solved so many problems not by solving them, but by removing the original prerequisites.


I think far more problems are like this and have been solved like this by me over the years.

Don’t have two desires, pick one!

Space L Clottey