Space L Clottey

Auditory Exposition

The following is a set of songs, collated with the aim to capture as much of my personality as possible.

What each song represents may not be immediately obvious: some may represent sweeping aspects of my character and some may represent deep foundations of my personal history; some may detail a titbit of an important — or trivial — philosophical belief.

You may listen to two songs back to back which seem to offer directly contradicting beliefs. If that’s the case you must reassess your assessments on what the inclusion of at least one of the songs refers to.

Some may merely tickle my sense of rhythm so powerfully they earn their spot that way, whereas many capture my sense of humour. Many capture me in a way even I can’t explain, and as such with sufficient background knowledge of me you may very well gain a greater understanding of me than I do!

Sit back, I hope you enjoy Space’s Auditory Exposition!

Space L Clottey