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Becoming Others

When you meditate, you go from this:

To this:

As the goal of meditation is to notice your sensations, you need to step back from being you to watching you. 

If you do this enough, you access this meditative state of feeling like you are watching yourself more throughout your daily life.

The more you are watching yourself, the less like ‘you’ you feel.

The less you are you, the easier it is to become others.

To vividly imagine their lives and just how dense they are. That’s sonder.

Eons ago an empathetic friend informed me that to have empathy, you need to lose yourself and become them.

Among other things, you’ll learn this is not about you. It never was. Your experiences make up 0.00001% of all experiences, but you act like they’re 100%.


Imagine if we always took others seriously.

Even if everyone was self aware of just themselves, the world would be fantastic. But if everything was like this:

If everyone lost themselves and became others, the earth would be an unimaginably better place.

Rather than be individuals, we become a web. We become something bigger, we finally emerge up the consciousness ladder.


It’s a coincidence that you’re you.

After you become aware of others a couple times, you should realise with ground breaking clarity:

It’s a total coincidence you’re you instead of ANYONE else.

You feel the boundaries between you and others bleu as you realise you’re the same kind of thing.

Just like how no individual squirrel or housefly is different from any other: we’re clones. We are one, massive thing. Maybe an experiment.

When you realise you could’ve not been you, you realise: we ARE the human consciousness, together. Like the cells that make up your body.

Really, the only difference between people is which pair of eyes you end up looking out of.


Be glad you’re not them, if someone wrongs you, for you could have been them, not knowing what you know. Not knowing you are one in the same.

This sort of empathy is living somebody else’s truth of reality. Becoming others lets you’re system 1 know, too, that other people are people.

Space L Clottey