Space L Clottey

Space’s reactions while watching it?

Okay what excactly am I doing?

First note: all the locations and the doors go between absolutely anywhere.

oh nooo, the cuts are weird. The timings on teh painting! Maybe it’s teh white noise that makes it weirder.

Credits and opening

How did he get the rights to this.

Every time I see this place I will think of myself

do we go around and look aat some of where the shots are??

me walking, is the first shot of the documentary?

Kit Kingsley is incredible as the butler. Pretending to be stern is easy but also




OH he should be painted last!!

Wow I can’t believe we actually did my shot for that last thing.

I could mix a bunch of shots from the movie into the song Mr Blue Sky. Of David painting, maybe just the montage, and if there are other really good shots, mix it in too.

Could also mix the montage to quicky song.

But we’d have to make it literally just 23 seconds shorter.

The audio cuts out a bit.

Maybe it’s not done

“This shot was inspired by” and then juxtapose it with the shot it was inspired by. Particularly teh shot of david looking at the picture, but also any ohter shots.

Us walking down the coridor, talking about the scene with david walking through. and you might think the staircase is just here, but it’s actually wayyyy (speed shot of us walking all the way to the staircase) over here. And then the door opens up wayyyy (sped up us walking all the way to ) the art room.

Have the beginning of the film be, and we walk over, then we pass through, then “oh yeah, that’s there from the credits”. We frame the whole thing as though it’s part of our walk.

“Oh, we have our firs tinterview?”

This is the location of the scene of “The original story, the portrait, is itself very much about artoverall reflects the juxtaposition of painting for art, or x.”

“Call the police” meme, “he’ll call the police if you don’t pay rent”

“Please, Andre. You have a talent” <- best line so far.

Dream Scene

Very good scene to go into about how it was edited.

And jokes here about hanmer’s room.

So, Ralph, what was it like being a portrait?

Serious interview. Can also say that we know Ralph from “do you really expect me to eat an orange” and do a serious interview about that.

technical difficulties involving rolling the money over.

What does the dream represent?

“Put that shit away”

Blooper real, hanmer saying “go”.

He’s a bit relaxed when he gets out of bed.

Scene 5 - Rent

Yo yo it’s ya boi.

Dare we lampshade all the breasts in the background? I think I’d prefer not to.

We have _ paying the “_ rent character”.

“It’s a shadow”

Scene 5 is funniest scene so far.

Scene 6

MY SCENE!!!! “Yyoyo “ it’s ya boi.

shot is flipped

I’d want a shot of her getting hte painting, was a bit confused.

“DON’T LITTTER” meme or something.

Definately have some sort of meme with alexios and georgia walking backwards repeatedly getting and dropping the painting

Scene 7

We’re definately going to go on location for thie one.

Very cinematic. Okay, maybe too cinematic.

I was way too distracted by the sceneary to focus on the thing.

Who is david paying????

“And maybe I can can become a decent artist!” I’d get rid of that audio for you but might be unexpected hard.

Who did DAvid sell the painting to? OHH, he sold the omoney that was INSIDE the painting!