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Maths SAT stuff


[ ] Quadratic formula questions. Brute force a tonne to be able to recognise what needs doing [ ] linear equation word problems

I am actually really curious if I’d get all the practice ones right I think after this I should do all the questions in this section again. I’d probably get a few wrong actually

when I don’t know how to make flashcards of it, or I think my flashcards would be super general, my instinct is to give up and just do a bunch of practice questions


I spent too much time working on trig. Way too much time. I need to spend time increasing my points by going over large swaths of types of questions and rapidly making cards, not getting super deep into one topic.

I’m not necessarily sure it’s about going faster, it’s about getting the questions right.


Am noticing while I’m going over these questions: I’m not remembering why I got them wrong

One of them: passport to advanced mathematics

Right angle trigonemtry, I wasn’t remotely going to get this one’

Okay, gonna revise [ ] polynomial factors and graphs - NOOO what question was this?? I need something more specific [x] Right angle trigonometry - Okay, I learned some of this but there’s a LOT more to be learned and practiced here. - Okay, did a TONNE of this, think I may be at the point of dimishing returns. is SUPER FUN! Twice I thought there was a new rule I didn’t know about to show up but NOPE! - And time flies SO fast when I’m doing this. [ ] polynomial remainder theorem