Space L Clottey

How I meditate

Sit down.

Set (RELIABLE!) timer. If the timer’s not reliable, you’ll be paranoid about checking it. (Some people, like Weezer Waiter, prefer not having a timer.)

Focus on your breath. 

If you get agitated or bored, say ‘AHA!’ and be intensely curious on what that feels like. 

You don’t need to label it. Just the wordless concepts are enough. 

Go back to focusing on your breath, or on your own thoughts. Keep reflexive awareness of them. Wordless concepts are sufficient. 

If you need stimulation, feel your clothes against your skin. Feel the air against your nostrils. Watch the spirals of colour in your eyelids. Feel the wind blow against you, hear the birds sing. 

Focus on your breath, focus on your sense of self.

Do it enough, and this separation from yourself should carry over into your entire life, then you can act from a position of power.


I’ve meditated on and off for at least three years now, and only really got any benefits in 2021 when I went from doing 10 minutes everyday to 30 minutes. 

It’s not that hard, trust me. Do 30 minutes everyday for a week then do it when it feels right thereafter.


Space L Clottey