Space L Clottey


One of the things you won’t pick up from this biography is just how bad my memory is. Because, obviously, this can only be a recount of that which I remember.

Therefore, dear reader, it may seem odd to you the fact that this biography is born out of the very fact that my memory is the attrocity it is. This biography is born from the repeated event of being reminded of some thought, some event, some day, some month, some lifetime I lived that I just completely forgot about. And when I decided that I was indeed to write this biography, more and more came, more and more memories flooding in.

My name is Space, and I have lived a very long life. Sixteen years is a lot of time for a lot of adventures, a lot of friends, a lot of crushes, a lot of books, a lot of videos, a lot of character arcs and a lot of stories. This biography is an account of those.

I hope it is also an account of me, a brutal reflection of excactly who I am, excactly how I perceive myself.