Space L Clottey

If I do one about 10k, what’s the moment?

If I had to tell my central story all in one essay, what would it be?

One of creation? Of all teh things I’ve created, and how that feels inside of me?

Or of power?

Recurring theme of trying really hard to win?

I want to do a generic creation one. Taht’s very fun.

What’s a significant moment in time creation-wise?

Growth moment. Moment where I grew.

I should write a version of the Misaligned that includes what I learned for Quote Therapy, and how I got to the point of never wanting to convince anyone of anything.

Soy muy cansado, pero ruina el punto. No puedo trabajar solo por eso? No puedo intentar?

Si hago uno pomodoro.

Manana voy a intenentar la modafinilo

Quiero dormir. Lo siento. Luego no voy a usar mi ordinateur.

Dammmit. Rip. I could try with the music an dthe thing but that feels like so much force…