Space L Clottey

Moda: Space:


My total spendings:

$42 dollars

If 50% for the thing vitamin C $94 dollars if it’s 100% for all the pills he has, and 50% of the vitamin D, $21 of the thing.

If 100% for the vitamin D and then $123 if he’s willing to pay for all of it.

Amount for Grants overall

  1. (Ecuador) Noah / Daniel Debts After I tell mum about these, pay back these people. So that she’s not sketch abotu the paypal

  2. Atlas Money for Living in Berkeley

Will refund this after doing the debts, those are more important.

If I’m somehow at funds = 0 and I have to lie to Atlas a tiny bit to explain to them where the money is going, so be it.

I can’t keep it until they ask for the refunds because I’ll end up spending it and it’ll be confusing.

  1. Own Money Sell other laptop literally as fast as possible

  2. Other Grants Probably most of the other grants are subsumed within the 1.3k of the Berkeley grant that I’ve already used. Once I refund that, I can more easily redistrubute the amount of money I have into these things, then think about money spending more.

  3. Exploration Grant If this is used up so be it. I cannot be asking for more now because I’d need to explain what I’ve been using it for so far.

I should not pay $125 to travel home this’ll hurt me alot. But no one else has any money, so I can’t ask anyone else to pay. Except… RAJ.

This is for some reaosn a little unsatisfying but it’s fine. I guess $100 can somehow count as going to Tahoe, it would be extremely convenient not to lie about this.

Selling Laptop


Okay, so I’m just gonna leave in my account now what is required for Atlas.

Oh god, then if I use the £400 to repay daniel, that’s all the exploration grant gone and I’m back to being broke. I wish I had been on minimal spending while in Ecuador. But c’est la vie, now I’ve learned. You still have school, you still have £1000 untapped laptop money which could undo the entire trip tbh. You should get on selling that immediately.



Total cost of Ecuador = £720 + 400 + 183 + 44 + 104 + 12.54 + 150 = 1610

WHICH is all of Exploration. :(


552 of that is for travel. If they ask for the receipts i’m fucked so I’m gonna have to count on them not using that.

Okay, 1460 - 552 = 900, of Exploration

Okay, so worst case I have enough. But then the questions are: where did the keto and tutoring grants vanish to? I should put the other ones in savings now.

But I should really probably ask for if they ask for the flight receipts. I could lie but that’d be bad. AHHGHH. I’ll come back here if they ask.

If I’m in debt, I should pay those off now. Okay, I’ll pay them off once I return home, before I’ve paid back Atlas and done receipts for that.

So there’s still like an hour of work left here. Let me just make sure that this is clear.

I can also say I lost track of receipts. But this is slimy.

Berkeley Time

Where tf did Atlas’s 6k vanish to?

It has to be bad maths. Yeah, it’s a rounding error.

Wait, i’m not actually in trouble. I could just refund back some of the thousand I had. Yeah it’s okay.

Okay, I’ll refund back to them in the beginning of september, because I can’t do the maths now.

I’m not sure it’s even possible for me to calculate the other spendings of money.

I should try to get to as low spending as possible in general until I give atlas back what they want. It seems for now that they will not ask for receipts. Luckily, I don’t need to spend any money until September when they ask for it back.

Or I could just do it with savings accounts now but in a differnet order.

150(future tutoring) + 30 (already paid tutoring) + £300 (keto) + £33.2 (oxford) = £512. OKay, am assuming there was 40 extra for some reason. OK, then TRAVEL

Okay, but for travel I state that it’s 520, and they send 552? No idea why. But I’m assuming those are two different payments

Okay, there is a weird 1k missing that I do not remotely understand. Maybe it’s just from being slow to transfer?

Why the FUCK is balance including pending 136? I have to assume it’s an error

$350. That is far far far far less than I was hoping. 300 pounds isnt nothing but even then it’s the same that my other laptop went for!

Ecuador receipts

Berkeley Grant

Ubers: 9.61 + 8.44 + 8.03 + 32.91 + 8.79 + 47.05 += 114.83

Shared ubers: $21.15 + $68.25 = £77.86

Groceries/Food: 15.60 + 6.99 + 13.33 + 11.06 + 3.65 + 25.91 = 76.54

Shared Meals: $43.05 = £37.49

Data: 18.67 + 18.67 = 37.34

Ubers + shared ubers + groceries/food + shared meals + credit + 114.83 + 77.86 + 76.54 + 37.49 + 37.34 = 344.06 spent on Berkeley trip

6184 - 344.06 - 1338.01 = 4501

6184 (total grant) - 1338 (pre-grant spending) - 344.06 (post grant spending) = 4501

6184 - 1338 - 344.06 = £4501.29 is what I have to return to them.

Okay, can I milk any more out of what I have to return to them? I mean, interestingly that’ll still leave me with like 2k. Which is plenty, plenty of money for things.

Okay, I got 60 extra. Little sus, but just forget about it and it won’t matter. Remember you didn’t pay any rent at all. They may ask about this and it may be sus but they won’t care. Lying about spending more on rent is worse.

But anyway, that’s JUST a theory. a FILM theory.

Okay, what do I want paid for?

Tahoe trip, and maybe clothes but that’s nothing. I owe Raj $100. I could just say anything is for rent, but if it’s paypal that defeats the entire point. I could resubmit airbnbs or something but that’s dumb. I could buy them now but they wouldn’t be on the receipt. Doing the paypal thing is sketch, better I just tank it right? NO.

Raj/Space payments:

$300 Scotty for ride

Raj pays $100, and $100 is taken off for the modafinil.

can I hack a $200 uber ride? Little sus if you ask me. I’ll do another 47 pound one. Move it up to 60 at the most.

Order the shirts.

Yeah, do that now.

Buy one shirt, cancel most of the others. Wearing short sleeve most of the time i sbad.

They’re gonna take ages. But that’s okay. Sometimes it says ages but it’s not.

After one comes, I’ll order 14 of the exact same, and put all my other shirts in a bin bag.

Yes, yes.

I can’t wait.

As for the atlas paypal? Arghh I don’t like having to wait.