Space L Clottey

Ideas that I’ve been wanting to write about

Okay, that’s a story.

(metaphor for speaking spanish in ecuador, and it being easy to talk to frosty)

obviously terribly fake somehow, but a story nontheless.

Do I want to make a musical? I mean yeah! But no. I want to make something with the same vibe as thingy.

I wonder how long it has to be. I guess any length until the story is fine.

I don’t want it to just be infinity train “it was tracking your growth all along…”

what if the spanish thing was set up by his mother? Or his friend? It’s an experiment of his?

If the friend lied we’d think he was evil

What if main pissed someone off somehow who was techy, and created the spanish thing?

Would this techy guy have to be the main villain?

What’s the most uncomfortable place in the world we can put a character like this?

how can he be excaggerated?

I want him to potentially be really, really sad

Why would a spanish demon be summoned?

What are possible lessons of a spanish demon?

these are all the questions left. (Sure thing buddy. It’s starting again, needing to figure out story beats).


Wait, I want to figure out twists for the spanish demon

What does it do?

Why does it do these things? What is it?


how to make an interesting bully?


“tax evasion is illegal, tax avoidance is fine”

you’re avoiding me on purpose! that’s against the rules!

I want to follow the bully simultaneously, and track what he’s doing, maybe with narration. “Little did Main know that as he walked through the building, he was not alone…”

Have you been to lunch? No? Hanmer just went. Goodbye!


Is he learning that it’s bad to try and hack social scenarios?

Is hacking social scenarios something that easily traslates to the stage?

“It’s not x I’m interested in, but what I plan to do with them.”

Is he already the ultimate person in other fields? Like Mei-Lin Li? A starting shot of him being fantastic in every field?

Okay, we have are two. the new Floop and Heye. Except they’re new.

“What, you’re gonna try to stop me from destroying the Spanish language too?”

What if it’s a demon that comes because it wants to teach people about spanish who hate the language?

Story beats so far:

Spanish demon doesn’t even speak in a spanish accent. This is lampshaded at some point.

The only bad thing is, what about the ethical issues of genociding a language?

B… looks nervous.

main: what? What do you want? Why are you here? Do you have any idea how long I’ve been x?

Do I write that section first? That’s what eliezer would have me do.

The story needs to have some meat before then. Some purpose. Can’t just be build up towards the end. Some twists and turns.