Space L Clottey

How to tell Raj - I am tired now. I have low capacity now. - You knowing that I am tired means that you will ask about how to fix it and basicall scold me for not following up on the threads I’m supposed to be following up on by now. - but I already know how to fix it: meditation - but you knowing that means you’ll want or tell me to meditate, and that means I can’t do it or will feel like I’m forced to do it or will distract my focus and solutide while I’m doing it and defeat the point - But if I told you not to tell me to meditate then I’d still know that you want to tell me and that you’ll think I’m stupid for not and not being able to asking and I’ll think that and I can’t trust or ask you not to tell me at all - and if I say “it’s because I think I have a way to fix tiredness that I’ll find out about in a month” then he’ll think it’s meditation because I already said it on alien mechanic (CHESTERSON’S FENCE, YOU FOOL!!) - and then I get all the harms of the above - but if I just beat around the bush and he keeps asking then that’s bad - but how can I end the converation without providing information about any of the above? - Just say “I’ll think about it” - and then avoid his calls? :(( - but can I just say “this is something i can’t talk about”. this is a real proper secret and I can’t even hint about what it’s about in the very slightest and it has to be for at least 6 months, I’m really really sorry - but what if he guesses it’s meditation? - GRR! Past me permenantly screwed over my ability to keep this meditation thing secret, by letting it be known and revealed that it was a secret before! - Be careful with releasing secrets! - “I can’t say anything about what you’ve said now except thank you for the information and please do keep providing me with information and if by chance — though I don’t expect you to — you happen to speak to Sock and Sydney about this I would appreciate you relaying - but I CAN’T say that! It’ll kill our relationship! Our relationship is all about honesty! - but he’s expecting something! If I leave now he’ll know it’s a lie! - AHH, and you can’t ask about this shit (anagrams) on uofb -