Space L Clottey


Incental music:

I’m not sure cressida music is the most improtant thing

Do I remotely know how to do an opening credits? Do I even know what I’m inspired by?

Okay, all I know is that I want to have “PAINTING THE PORTRAIT” show up on screen, with maybe a “by Space” underneath it.

It would be cool to have all the names of the people involved flash up quickly.

Need to explain that

  1. if you haven’t seen the portrait, it won’t make that much sense

  2. who tf poppy is and why she’s there

  3. that i am an actor

Just that Hanmer is the one who wrote and directed it. Some shot of him writing or something, but we dont’ have any of those.

Hanmer Hanbury (creator of the Portrait)

Space (Actor)

Poppy (Actor)

and showing our scenes?

This is super hard. I’m just gonna fix the other stuff for now.

All I need is one final one where a tonne of people are laughing.

Just anything. Anything to end it on a really good vibe.

There were a tonne of times during the interviews that this happened but I guess there literally aren’t any group scenes…

maybe improve? Not essential

Absolutely georgous.

Okay, need to

I just need one more joke

At least it ends on very much a high.

3.15 is alright

I wonder if there’s a strong final beat to end on. Maybe a montage of some bloopers, like 30 seconds long. Yeahhhhh.

BUT after you add music.

Don’t know what to do about credits, and whether to put them before or after “one pound”

is there a way to make end credits more portraity?


I’m not sure how funny the Peppa Pig thing is. Maybe do a fade in.

Oh man, but slowly fading out of Poppy running then BOOM end credits with fun music will look SO GOOD!

Am excited to make the end credits

Videos I wanna watch after:

Gonna have to do the “which actor was the best”! Sorry! It’s just the best one!

different tone

Lucas and David are linked, we should probably be ending on the David interview in general… can’t end on the flipping thing that’s a weird place to end

This is so hard. But at least I did the subtitles. I’ll do the final subtitles then do the volume stuff after. But well done, this is the most important part.

it should be:

I’m not gonna move the kit thing, it’s cool with it coming immediately after also it’s a pain to change

I kinda wanna do a more funky longer intro

Maybe with the turning red intro (though that’s straight up stealing)

With the monsters university music would be more on theme, but I can do whatever I want

But something with fun bouncy titles and long enough to have a painting the portrait LOGO

YES! It will look so beautiful!!!!!!

db ak,-

gggggggggggg gggggggggggggggggggg ggggggggggggggg ggggggggggggggggg gggggggggggggggg gggggggggggggggggggg gggggggggggggggggg gggggggggg gggggggggggggggg ggggggggggggggg gggggggggggggg ggggggggggggggggggg ggggggggg ggggggggggggg gggggggggggggg gggggggggggg ggggggggggggg gggggggggggg ggggggggg gggggggggg gggggggggggg ggggggggggggg gggggggg

no i dont want holy crap lounge

The Portrait is a short storyS written in 1883 by Nikola Goggl. It concerns an artist who struggles to decide whether to paint for money, or passion. The Portrait is a short film created in 2022, written and directed by Hanbury Hanbury. It stars David Weinstein, who plays an artist who struggles to decide whether to paint for money, or passion.S - The Potrait, is this.s Painting the Portrait, is a documentary concerning the creation of Hanmer Hanbury’s short film, The Portrait. It is what you are currently watching. - it consists of interviews - trivia - Enjoy (from the portrait’s mouth)

Current order

I might just get rid of the windows notifiacation sound? Or just leave it at the end for now and see what happens - monsters inc - cressida interview - door thing with poppy - kit interview - another walking around. ceasar stuff. - then david/lucas interview [x] one serious david interview - chang joke - one pound
- - then poppy running away - then ending - then sad things about each of us

still need to add the “one pound” joke and the dreaming joke

Can do jokes now
    - and then onto chang

First pass

[ ] stick together existing content
    - all jokes 
    - all interviews
    - stick together using literally just white noise, no nice transitions
[ ] ending
    - do it with just black screens and real cd footage

(Should have something that’s viewable after this, and this shouldn’t take more than half an hour. I need to do this FIRST, preferabbly before the end of lesson really.)

Second pass

[x] me talking to the camera
[x] david interview, one good question
[x] hanmer interview, one good question    
[ ] hanmer describing his interactions
- ?

Third pass

[ ] film minecraft ending (no hanmer)
    - start with "millions died"
[ ] music, maybe
[ ] portrait using the incredibles 5-second joke

ending - Hanmer went on to direct a series of failures, including “The Painting”, “The Eisel” and “The Por” -

Millions died


was never seen again. (

Until the next day (maybe don’t even show this actually. I think it’s funnier without it)

Oh my god I am 100% staying up all night to work on this literally no doubt

(And then how to actually end?) Painting the Portrait logo Oh wait no, it should be the portrait with our mouths again of course just saying “thanks” one last time

Okay, so what to do today? [ ] david interview, one good question [ ] hanmer interview, one good question [ ] create the ending scenes using just black screens, then fill in with minecraft as quickly as possible
- can do it with just the CD to start with, and then start adding minecraft if finished first [ ] film minecraft ending - just me, no hanmer necessary - need someone else recording me from a distance. Can just use the minecraft that already exists or get it on the phone

New things
    [ ] portrait theme using the incredibles
    [ ] me talking to the camera about basics

Should do these in order of their importance

The Piecing Together of Painting the Portrait

Piecing Together Painting the Portrait

someone’s just walking “this person got pngd í ytnhgb

I feel parts of this fit really well with what could go in the painting the potrait transitions:

Could also show behind the scenes of us laughing during the transitions

Take the chang audio.

It’s… “I had to think fast” … “it’s certaintly” is that too quick to be funny?

There’s no one here who’s thoughts can’t be read. No one! Except, me. My thoughts can’t be read. But but that’s crazy, If I were the dark one, I’d know it, wouldn’t I? But here I am, right where the dark one would be. About to blow up the star. Oh god! Somewhere deep inside of me it’s me! I’m the dark one!

There’s no one here who’s thoughts can’t be read. No one! Except, me. My thoughts can’t be read. But, if I were the dark one, I’d know it, wouldn’t I? But here I am, right where the dark one would be. Oh god! Somewhere deep inside of me it’s me! I’m the dark one!

Joke: while David is looking at the portrait, change the thoughts that he says.

The one that would be really funny, but literally only to me and Hanmer: there’s no one here who’s thoughts can’t be read, no one!

Plot summary of the portrait:

— —

Interview with Cressida:

I think you captured the character super well

— — Interview with Kit Kingsley:



PG 13 Jokes:

— — Interview with Lucas:

— —

Interview with Hanmer:

Burning CD: - “Space went on to find and burn all copies of The Portrait that didn’t include the Monsters University music. Millions died.” - what image do we have here? Space holding a lighter in a dark room, with some omninous phone light? - Clip of there being a CD and I have a flint and steel and I set it on fire, and then this clip of a CD burning, over the sad music - after I set it on fire, a person with a skin called “Hanmer” and obviously Hanmer runs in and starts attacking me (using a hanmer-like weapon?) - and then cut to the fire really zoomed in, and then fade to the live action thing of the disc - oh man, okay this’ll be really funny

David - Get lucas to pretend to be david for an interview, because we can’t get david himself - and then someone is like “wait, that’s not david” and i’m like “what do you mean, that’s definateyl david” “no, no that’s not him.” “What are you insiuating? That I, Space Lutterodt-Clottey, wasn’t able to procure David Weinstein for an interview” - cut to me running after david saying “David, david” and he ignores me or puts his hand up or something - david going like that is too anticlimactic - david deletes the email from space requesting an interview - space comes up on space’s phone and he presses - don’t wanna make david too much of a dick - Even better than that - just lucas doing the interview - then someone comes in and it’s like “what?” -

Hanmer - Space: What were your inspirations behind the portrait? - hamer explains seriously “i had been watching these old films, whatever” - then i was walking back from history and I noticed something falling from the sky - a book fell onto my head. “that’s really strange. Did this book inspire you to start working on the film? like start working on some storyboards?” - well i was going to do that, but then…. (see him open the pages and some storyboard fall out) - oh. So then did you start, painting? - “Well I was going to, and then* (turns around and the paintings are around on the floor) - “Wow. okay. But filming must have been fun right?” - Well… - we see Hanmer open up the book and we see a USB stick. hanmer looks at it inquisitively - cut to hanmer on his computer, plugs in the usb stick. Cut to the portrait loading screen - and then, space reacting like “whaa??” but then we’d need to see it being explained to me to begin with - how do you end the joke? - hanmer grins malificently? space is like “so you passed off the work as your own?” - maybe it just cuts to static after the portrait loads up, and then straight onto the next seen. This’d be okay I think.

Wow, a lot to shoot.

I want to get to work on the minecraft joke

We should just shoot a single one of something falling on hanmer and he falls, and just repeat it for each one.

Theo -

Poppy “I’ve got nothing. I’ve got absolutely nothing” Hinds

Space’s reactions while watching it?

Okay what excactly am I doing?

First note: all the locations and the doors go between absolutely anywhere.

oh nooo, the cuts are weird. The timings on teh painting! Maybe it’s teh white noise that makes it weirder.


In painting the portrait, the credits should be either the monsters inc theme song, or gospel. I think Gospel is great.

How did he get the rights to this.

Every time I see this place I will think of myself

do we go around and look aat some of where the shots are??

me walking, is the first shot of the documentary?




OH he should be painted last!!

Wow I can’t believe we actually did my shot for that last thing.

I could mix a bunch of shots from the movie into the song Mr Blue Sky. Of David painting, maybe just the montage, and if there are other really good shots, mix it in too.

Could also mix the montage to quicky song.

But we’d have to make it literally just 23 seconds shorter.


The audio cuts out a bit.

Maybe it’s not done

“This shot was inspired by” and then juxtapose it with the shot it was inspired by. Particularly teh shot of david looking at the picture, but also any ohter shots.

Us walking down the coridor, talking about the scene with david walking through. and you might think the staircase is just here, but it’s actually wayyyy (speed shot of us walking all the way to the staircase) over here. And then the door opens up wayyyy (sped up us walking all the way to ) the art room.

Have the beginning of the film be, and we walk over, then we pass through, then “oh yeah, that’s there from the credits”. We frame the whole thing as though it’s part of our walk.

“Oh, we have our firs tinterview?”

This is the location of the scene of “The original story, the portrait, is itself very much about artoverall reflects the juxtaposition of painting for art, or x.”

“Call the police” meme, “he’ll call the police if you don’t pay rent”

“Please, Andre. You have a talent” <- best line so far.

Dream Scene

Very good scene to go into about how it was edited.

And jokes here about hanmer’s room.

So, Ralph, what was it like being a portrait?

Serious interview. Can also say that we know Ralph from “do you really expect me to eat an orange” and do a serious interview about that.

technical difficulties involving rolling the money over.

What does the dream represent?

“Put that shit away”

Blooper real, hanmer saying “go”.

He’s a bit relaxed when he gets out of bed.

Scene 5 - Rent

Yo yo it’s ya boi.

Dare we lampshade all the breasts in the background? I think I’d prefer not to.

We have _ paying the “_ rent character”.

“It’s a shadow”

Scene 5 is funniest scene so far.

Scene 6

MY SCENE!!!! “Yyoyo “ it’s ya boi.

shot is flipped

I’d want a shot of her getting hte painting, was a bit confused.

“DON’T LITTTER” meme or something.

Definately have some sort of meme with alexios and georgia walking backwards repeatedly getting and dropping the painting

Scene 7

We’re definately going to go on location for thie one.

Very cinematic. Okay, maybe too cinematic.

I was way too distracted by the sceneary to focus on the thing.

Who is david paying????

“And maybe I can can become a decent artist!” I’d get rid of that audio for you but might be unexpected hard.

Who did DAvid sell the painting to? OHH, he sold the omoney that was INSIDE the painting!


Live reanctment for Hanmer going off to sport, and space chilling in Hanmer’s film. Then he leaves, and space throws open the laptop and opens adobe and starts moving things around and opening up monsters university wikipedia scrolling madly

“WE REVERSED THE ENTIRE SHOT” - shows hanmer turning the computer upside down and nodding contemplatively - or shows him holding up a mirror - that’s not obviously enough ironic

Hanmer takes the camera - “Acostomed to working with cameras, hanmer tragically destroyed space’s phone within miliseconds of holding it. Luckily, we were able to procure another for the remainder of the recording” - maybe like death of a bachelor or something so over the topic in how tragic it is plays as an instrumental

“I’ve got a gun” plays at some point?

“I have the artist here to see you sir” - should show the real raw footage version, then fade into black and white fake verion. [ ] hanmer i want that footage

Just play a scene backwards, whichever is funniest - probably the final sad one with david walking away

Ceasar obviously gets a title card when he first enters proper (not at the beginning cos you’ll just be confused) ahh, add subtitles for people who you can’t hear.

“Inside the Actor” - poppy jumping for joy bit - what was kit thinking when he made the butler that way - just “What were you thinking when you created ‘The Butler’” - what was i thinking when i was that guy - who was georgia’s character? Does she think they’re the same person?

“How many times you’ve watched monsters university” - (A small bracket that says (peer reviewed) in the corner) — —

during the monsters inc thing, have the cat bopping it’s head in the corner as well as the fornite guy very briefly and dancing spiderman maybe

At the end, after poppy running off in the background, have sad shots of the main three: - Hanmer went on to create a series of sequels including “The Painting”, “The Canvus” and “The Puddle” - hanmer in a dark area with his head in his hands - - Hanmer’s career was ruined after a series of commercial flops, including “The Painting”, “The Canvas” and “The Puddle” - Hanmer went on to commit suicide after a series of commercial flops including “The Painting”, “The Canvus” and “The Puddle”
- Space tracked down and burned every copy of “The Portrait” in Hanmer’s memory - me holding a lighter to a cd? - Space traced down every copy of “The Portrait” and deleted it, replacing them with that had the Monsters University soundtrack - Poppy was never seen again - Poppy Mr Incredible? - …until the next day. - David -