Space L Clottey

jeffrey yun - eating a - would fall asleep during meetings - if you get fidget cube / type notes - when trying to code something lose concentration - tried modafinil, vyvanse, adderal - tried narcolepsy / restless leg syndrome /

if someone’s not a good fit for anything, you can tell them and it’s not so bad you move to a different team you’re not a good fit for the company, we’re laying you off? no hard feelings, but gone just because you left the company doesn’t mean you’re not friends we don’t want you on the team anymore, sometimes the group silently breaks off and migrates to another group - maybe after we finish, we silently The Courage to Be Disliked

if you’re in a group and you kick them out, doesn’t mean their a hard fit to that person - can human - mostly - “me and sanat can just handle the situation and make it not other” - if it seems that the uninterested person is disruptive to reading group - “we think you’re not that useful to reading group, because 1. 2. 3.” - can imagine it turning out amicably - i don’t have to feel responsible for kicking people