Space L Clottey

Openness: 2 Conciensciousness: 4 Extroverversion: 5 Agreeableness: 2 Stoicism: 2

1-5 15 points

Intellegence: 6 Strength: 2 Agency: 4

1-7 11 points

Creativity: (can modify yourself in any way you can explain) - i’ve taken a bunch of modafinil

Backstory: my father showed me the ancient film “Limitless” which inspired me to get into experimenting at a young age. Have been taking modafinil every day since 2056. - have agreed with salesmen to work for 1000 pills up front - i haev done these things - my backstory: - my father was a big influence - film producer - he created films with backwards messages for the government to create racism between us and the nulls - was directly responsible for the war of 1995 - drove him crazy but he muted it with drugs - cloned himself to be less neurotic and more able to cope with the work, created me - I took part in the work, my films are incredibly persuasive - use modafinil to incraese my productvity - create the films basically just with gpt3 - currently working on clawing up to governemnt, is a secret about my dad - also want: increase modafinil supply as much as possible, is like a fuel for me to exist as a clone, that’s the only way the clone can survive. it’s basically my bloodthing. It’s not a stimulant, I need it to live - what do I want? - hide that I’m a clone - open about liking films but not about using them for the government - about my dad - where’s my dad now? - also want to find him. He left around 5 - what do I believe is the best place my dad is? - infiltrating government, they might have taken him - might have been taken by other place - I need to procure a ship - also want to know if what i’m doing is good. secretly insecure about the task - I kinda wanna be pretty savage

shitty to live but financial incentive to live there world - total cybernetic integration - many people who look like people but AI is living behind it - if you have a tonne of money as a human, you can live through this shell

Floxer Jumblespoon