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Don’t HUG ME I’m scared finally came out!

Six years of waiting!

And it was incredible!

It was so good!

It was so creative and learning more about the characters and the world and so much more about how they relate and think about themselves was super duper interesting.

I’ll go over the characters, and the episodes.

Duck Guy

Duck Guy got a lot more personality this time. Which makes sense with all of them really. There was incredibly small amount of dialogue in the original series than this, which makes a lot of sense. So we get to see a lot more of their individual personalities and how they relate to eachother.

And Duck Guy is hillarious. He was easily the most serious in the first episode and more and more of a characature the further along it went in the best possible way. Basically everything he said was hillarious, he was getting laughs from me and my friend practictally oncea minute. His combnination of posh and self-confidence combined with idiocy and surreal considerations is just so unique and so hillarious, and he’s maybe the single character with the most amazing set of one liners I’ve ever had the pleasure of watching on screen.

Ones I remember off the top of my head include “what if I’m standing in an embarrassing place?” and “why are they pretending they don’t respect me?”.

It makes his great uncertainty and fear in the original’s episode 5 a lot more scary actually. Way more scary. To see this funny and jovial character in general who’s unphased by death and asking to bring up tunes while in a coffin really scared. I’m really excited to go back to the original series in genreal and see how the characters acted differently.

I worry that the potential for dramatic tension is lost with a character who is so often comic relief, and in a weird retrospective sense I know that Duck Guy kind of can be used for dramatic tension because of the phone call and how he kind of doesn’t put up with stuff in the Health Episode, and is Gone by the Original episode 6, and yet they do kind of feel like different characters. In the end Duck Guy wasn’t really used for dramatic tension past episode 1 as far as I remember, though he was so funny maybe that’s okay.

He was so funny. One of my very favourite characters of all time.

And he had some amazing songs like “what about my shredder”. Just so surreal, things that had be totally glued to the screen.

Now onto Duck Guy and Red Guy, who’s journey’s parralel eachother a little more.

Red Guy

Red Guy was an extremely consistent character in the original series, and I am somewhat sad that I think he lost that consistency. He was always the straight man in the original, always the one who didn’t want to put up with the teacher’s lessons, from his very first “that sounds really boring” to leaving the computer’s simulation while the other two enjoyed it, the thing that forces him to “leave the show”, or whatever’s really happening.

The only time he really gets anything close to silly or strange or not what you would expect from a real person who’s been stuck inside the world is when he says “maybe it’s because we love you” and draws the heart in the original episode three.

But the difference between OG red guy and this guy is that he fluctuates between being a straight man and being also caught up in the weirdness. Between being deeply curious about the world and watching as Yellow Guy burns a mysterious book with no curiousity, not wondering where he’s going up the stairs despite desperately wanting to leave the house the previous episode.

I think Red Guy is at his very best when he’s as detatched from the world as possible, when he’s confused and scared and curious and defiant and wants things to stop, which is the whole thing that dejects him from the world in episode four, one that he never quite returns to in the original series. His love story with the teachers and the world and creativity was told subtely through his embracing it in the world of red guys, and ended in a fascinating mysterious way as he pulls the plug on the show just to see what happens, and completely changes his world.

And this was continued amazingly in 205, where he just wants to leave. And it’s bizzare to think in retrospect that basically the whole of the episode was just them in the car and was just extremely tense build up and it works because when Red Guy gets restless crazy things happen (even though they always do). But he does and they LEAVE and it’s amazing!

And then it resets in a terribly sad way.

This was one of the many, many times while watching this series when my jaw was literally just dropped open through the entire scene.

I feel like on one hand I fundamentally do not have a right to criticise DHMIS because it’s so foreign to anything I could create or predict, but I think characters should be consistent, and I’m glad that when Red Guy is true to himself here it is EPIC.

Yellow Guy

And besides, Red Guy kind of needed to be buffed during the last episode, because Yellow Guy stepped up and took his role. At first I was worried when he became smart, because the penultimate episode was so amazing and grant and becoming smart was such a normal sitcom plot, but 1) Smart Yellow Guy is just sincerely surreal and hillarious, much the same way when Stain started speaking about philosophy it was hillarious. And 2) they used his smartness to explore the world, and take us places we’ve never been. (I’m not sure where the bedroom is supposed to be).

But yeah, I loved it as a means to explore the world. I don’t really love the idea of Yellow Guy being powered by batteries, it annoys me in a way that’s difficult to express why. Like, a lot of the show is allowed to be really strange, like wires inside of their pet. But knowing our main character was powered by batteries the entire time is really strange. Is Roy also powered by batteries? He was also dead on the floor with Tony while the meat was not.

But overall, Yellow Guy’s dumbness is hillarious, his fear and worry and innonence makes the world feel so real, and I love every line he says and gives. He’s a really useful character, and it’s amazing they’d establish him so clearly from his first “how do you get the idea”. I’m said they Flowers for Algernon’d him at the end when they took away his intellegence but I appreciate that it was for something grander than himself.

The Teachers

I LOVED the teachers. Some easily outranked the originals, they’re just so consistently charming in their scale between waking nightmares that give me pause while I write this lest they be in the corner of my room, to charming little electricity boxes that dance along.


The way that he reapears with the end and was the medical box all along — I’ve thought about that nearly every day since I watched it.


Classic DHMIS villain, I love his annoyance with Duck Guy’s questions. It’s amazing that the original DHMIS didn’t do an episode on death, it’s such a perfect topic for the show.


An amazing charaacter, was really sad when they died.


These guys were pretty generic, and this episode was my least favourite, though it did have very good moments that made me laugh a lot, like “you can’t be a real family unless you have a landline” and the trios general reaction to the characters, and the terrifying father puppet, and how they all turn into monsters to eat KFC. But the creepy twins thing is not very unique to the show and they weren’t very special.


I love him SO MUCH. He’s AMAZING and I cannot WAIT to rewatch his episode! He was so charming and funny and his denial of being a worm was amazing and his weakness and vulnerability to just the appeal of having dinner, and how he has to fix whatever he did with making Yellow Guy go into his own mind. And it’s really sad when he turns into a mosnter :( Did not want him to die, I liked him so much, but he was also amazing and scary for those five seconds he’s a monster.

Absolutely stellar villain.


They did the Gravity Falls thing of introducing a character who’s close to dying naturally when the purpose of them is only to die so you don’t feel “bad”, though he’s actually old.

Good villain, great idea to have one that’s weak in a way that none of the others ever are. Him being the car and so coming back alive is really good.


Great fun. Amazing fun. Really cute, and I love her dances.

Old Villains

It was just before watching episode 3 that I remembered how important Roy was in the original series and how we haven’t seen him yet. I appreciate that this series showed quite a bit of restraint with bringing him back, as did they with all the teachers. Extremely mature of them and I’m really glad it wasn’t just self-congraluatory call-backs the way that Phineas-and-ferb-universe shows tend to get extremely swamped in calling back to their previous entries, though I’m sure I can think of better examples.

But this series barely ever brought up previous villains and instead did new amazing things, which worked really well.


His everpresence in the background is haunting and his single line of dialogue “they’re not here” is so bad in that it just confirms he’s watching all the time and is alive and it’s not just the design of the clock.

He becomes a really good motif for the entire series in that his really simple design is often visible in the backgrounds, which can make for very chilling experiences at the best of times. Such as when he’s on the quilt of the God Lady! That one really did it.

And seeing him dead on the floor hurt and was super eerie.


Of course an A-Tier super classic DHMIS villain in the original, and very interesting how he’s just a friend here. I think this is the closest they come to not showing restraint but at least the computer stuff is in the background to the friend’s stuff. And it is cool to see how their relationship evolves.


Used amazingly. I was really, really terrified for those two seconds when he comes towards us with knives in his hands. Absolutely terrified.


I know the lamp came back but I don’t actually remember where.


It’s strange that Paige didn’t return, and never has throughout even series one except as a drawing one time in the dream’s episode, and never again since then.

My friend said it’s because they’re a worse villain, and in retrospect they are certaintly extremely different from all the others. But they don’t even show up in the crazy switchup session at the end of OG6, but perhaps that’s just to make the final line of the original show all the more shocking and meaningful.


Also has a different vibe than like Colin and Tony, and wasn’t really blantantly evil, but still weird he never showed in this series.


Yeah, just after episode 2 did I remember Roy’s immense significance in the OG series and knew that he was going to come up soon, and he came up in the very next episode about family. I think that him being a monster was a bit over the top and him having an actual voice and lines was a bit weird, but the rest of his appearances are essentially spot on.