Space L Clottey

My options:

Surely Atlas Guy + PrepScholar is good enough. But not really, but it’s too late and adding another thing isn’t good But you don’t get to say that when it’s your uni on the line, and a few more days of work… Is too costly at this valuable valuable time. ‘’

Yeah, I don’t think I can afford to screw around.

But at least I get a lot of help for only 6k.

Okay but is using college essay guy that hard?

What if I used Daniel Wu to make the list, then got their 9 school’s package.

That would only require reneging on prepscholar’s help.

There's also just concerns about money

I wish I could apply to oxford, but i’ve missed so many internal deadlines. It would be embarrassing.

But I’d love to be able to go to oxford really. I’d honestly kind of consider it a lot over the US.

And I’m conflicted.

Okay, if I was to do collegeessayguy now, what are the steps?

$7.4k to not even get interview prep…


overall plan:

national univeristy of singapore. Other places that might be an option. Stellar unis elsewhere in the world.

Why do I have to try? Trying is what makes me sad. Trying is what makes bad things able to happen.