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Productivity Coaching - read more books - SAT - Clubs societies - be more studying - learning - Lessons - - how am i studying? - How to pass exams - - Cal newport - thought it was a good way to start - - there were things on how to take notes for technical subjects - do an example problem and go through how they did it and replicate it yourself and note how they did it at each step - might be worth checking out - Various other things - starting on written up tips, asking people who study efficiently, are probably good places to start - for a lot of people learning by having someone talk at you is a bad way of learning. You can’t even pause or script. - you’re getting face to face time where they’re just talking thenm - at starting point, goal is to study more efficiently - spaced repition is the really really really good thing. one technique among many - doesn’t think it’s the only thing I need to do - for something like maths, it’s probably easier - Feynman technique, taking the idea and trying to explain it to someone else - how am I trying to digest what I’m learning? - why doesn’t this work? - - need a routine for anki, retain what I’ve learned, and a plan for going back over material I’ve missed - using lesson time effectively - would you be able to make the flashcards such that if I got it right, and it was easy a couple times, it just removed, and it remove them easily whenever I remove them - seems like interesting to try - could try, taking notes in the form that I would’ve made flashcards (while in lesson) - take quick notes of the different concepts or steps as they come up, then if I can’t answer the question later, make it into anki if I could do something in an excel sheet, one row in question side, another in answer slide, then can just review the questions - if you’re gonna look through the questions one way or another, if you know it easily, you remove the card - auditory processing isn’t always the easiest way to learn - most likely this isn’t relevant. if you have any problems around auditory processing or hearing, sometimes visual things can play a role (if you have a harder time seeing the notes at the front of the card) - these are common symptoms of people who turn out to need glasses. - score higher on autism on autism trait - taking note scan help with paying attention - force you to focus as you go, clarify things in questions that you don’t understand - Have I done anything in writing down all the ideas, prioritising them, specific goals you wanna be persuing? - easy way to try this out, just think about the things you would like to do and and what you wanna try out for one week (i wanna read part of a book, I want to learn this typing excercise) - see how realistic your goals are. - implementing an anki routine? - set a time in your routine each day where you’re gonna do anki each day. - either one big block, or when you’re waiting in line you flip through anki. - what if i did it as soon as I wake up? - right after breakfast? - 20 minutes anki slot - can do a 25 minute focusmate for 8am each day. - 1. setup routine for doing anki 2. make anki cards in lesson (change ease interval) 3. send goals outside of mandatory coursework that I wanna do, like boosk, SAT, and prioti