Space L Clottey

I have no idea how this movie exists.

Chip and Dale is like Disney’s Space Jam, and I was so happy and blown away and in awe all through Space Jam and I barely even knew the Looney Tunes, and I was so happy.

And both are of course descendants of Who Framed Roger Rabbit, which I sitll somehow havne’t seen fully, which I basicaly owe my life to. Not really, but I mean if I owe Space Jam 2 and Chip and Dale to the same movie then man I really owe it a lot.


The story is simple, but really well constructed. I have no idea who’s idea at Disney it was to make it a meta movie about chip and dale as actors but it’s so good and so funny.

The actually story though very simple, which is TOTALLY OKAY. They even lampshade it briefly at the begginning, highlighting how Chip and Dale are the classic Ghost and Molly Mcgee / Spongebob and Squidward / Insert an actually more iconic duo like this couple, but cleverly Dale is talking about this in reference to the in universe Chip and Dale show, but because they’re chacters are so similar in and out of universe (I’m assuming), it means ti works without them explicitly saying it.


The story at the core of it all is chip and dale realising how much they care about and love eachother, and you can tell where it’s going and you’ve seen this conflict a million times before, but I was super on board with it. I actually like both Chip and Dale (I think I like Chip more, but I did not dislike Dale) and they’re voice actors both gave stellar, like perfect performances as their characters. I fully believed every single line, and you can immediately tell that their characters would not be the same without their actors. Especially chip.

Of course it can be a tad screwy when the same voice actor is in too many notable things, like John Mulaney in Big Mouth, Spider Verse and now this, but he created such a good, likeable character inside of Chip, that I’m 100% for it.

But outside of just liking these characters and appreciating their struggle and conflict, no matter how baseline it is, the world around them is also so very interesting that it without a doubt makes the film super fun to watch for it alone.

In basically every crowd scene you can pay attention to what they’re saying but also focus on all the characters in the background and seeing if you recognise any. And this is a world where the background characters can range from scrooge mcduck to linda flynn fletcher to patrick star to ugly sonic to my little pony.

The villains plot was fascinating. Having Peter Pan as your villain is an extroadinary idea and it works. And having the whole thing be about TV and having bootlegging be the threat works. It just works, and it’s so creative.

I wasn’t expecting anything out of this movie but when watching the disney logo and stuff started happening, it caught my attentnion. And when I went right back for my immdiate rewatch knowing that the disney logo was being hit by the bootleg ray is super clever and fun.

I really like Sweet Peat as a villain.

The Twist

It’s an amazing twist!

I deduced that the girl was the villain pretty quickly after she was like “I can’t name my favourite episode”, and I felt very smug explaining this to my brother, but it was subtle enough that it wasn’t too obvious so I was vaguely tense but mostly excited to see when and how she was going to obey them. I was happy.

Then about 10 seconds later they went a bit harder on her being a twist vilain with the “rescue rangers was never aired in that place where she grew up”, and I rolled my eyes. I suddenly thought “am I watching a baby movie?” then I thought they had to make it sufficiently obvious since it did say 9+ on the cover.

And it got me.

The movie got me.

Thoroughly and completely and totally.

And they fully totally lampshade it being obvious with Putty, but I still love it. JK Simmons gives a stellar, perfect performance as Putty, getting even more perfectly manic as he turns evil. And he becomes legitamately threatening when it’s revealed the extent that he can do with his Putty powers. I feel like the writers were showing restraint with not having him display his powers at all until the fight, and then even when he does display them you’re like “of course, he is putty, this works”.

His fight with Ally was super interesting.

In general, any time this story does stakes it does it really well. Key points include the chase through the convention, Ally fighting Putty, them against Sweet Pete just before the ray explodes…

The movie is super exciting and keeps the pace up.

The bootlegging ray is a genius idea for a movie about cartoons as actors, and it’s super unique, and incredibly authentic to the film and I love it.

Having the production studios secretly be in California the whole time and they don’t realise it till the end is a clever way of allowing them to think Monty died and have him be okay.

It’s just a really well crafted interesting story, against maybe the best setting of any movie.


It’s not the type of joke that things like this so often do, where I’m like “I can recognise you’re trying to tell a joke, and this is very mildly amusing”, honestly like a lot of the humor in gravity falls and owl house, which rarely makes me proper proper laugh, but the jokes here actually get me cackling and being like “that was a good fucking joke” or “this seems really authentic to the people making this, it seems like this was really funny to the people making it”

One of these things was the CGI surgery stuff, which was super funny.

Oh my god, and the best joke of the whole thing: we raided peppa pig.

Oh wait but actually, another that got me so hard was: “I guess you could say that my character in the show, and my character in real life, are basically excactly the same” and then Chips reaction!!!

And man the making a connection from a bunch of unrelated things gag has been done so many times before but it was so funny here. And like, you can very much tell that the writers just know that they need to get Dale to the place with everyone and they aren’t bothered to have the reveal about Putty twice, oh man.

Oh man, and them laughing at the joke for longer the worse it was, and Chip and Dale in full house. Man this movie got me.


It’s georgous. Linda Flynn Fletcher looked weird, and I was not happy at first when Dale went into CG because I thought it was going to stay like that for both of them, but when they lampshade it hard because of CGI Surgery which is hillarious, and when I realised it’s a way to make them easier to tell apart (and also that it makes all screengrabs of this film super iconic).

Overall, just a great super entertaining movie. I didn’t expect to love it, and I had no idea it was coming out, and I have no idea why it was made and how on EARTH they got all the rights to all the characters, but it’s like it was a movie made for me, and I will definately, without a doubt, be watching this many, many times.

Thank you for putting this movie into the world.