Space L Clottey

Why this uni

I have many parts of my personality. One of the nicest things is having each of these parts validated in turn, and at Brown this is definately going to be the case. With the open curriculum and the ability for any student to take any class, it ensures that there is a wide variety of interests and passions on the subject in the area, meaning that I will be able to find people who share my interests who I can talk to about my interests, anywhere in the school.

It is one of my favourite benefits of US unis over UK unis that you are able to take multiple classes which are not only in your major. I love meeting people who share my interests, but hte idea of only spending time with these people is depressing, for example only spending time with people who study computer science, which I would take in uni if I studied in the UK. There is a lot of appeal in meeting people who I can tlak to about many subjects, and keeping my interest in many subjects.

I am a strong beleiver in the benefit of learning things that are most interesting to you, and I believe that Brown will strongly support this desired methadology of learning.

Additionally, having an open curriculum also permits me to learn way more and to delve deeper in more of my informal interests.

Another benefit of going to brown is the selection method which I myself am exposing myself to right now. The very fact that you may reject me if I’m not smart enough means that whoever you accept must be very smart, so by applying I expose myself to the great potential of interacting with incredibly smart people for a very long time.

Additionally, as everybody across the globe applies to Brown, it creates a fantastic filtering mechanism for meeting the best and smartest people my age across the world, making a very fun and slightly competitive atmosphere, but only in a manner that will encourage me to do my best.

I will bring to brown a wide range of interests, and to delve deep into all the classes I take. I am already very eager to take your film class, and have been excited to take it ever since I first saw it listed as available.

I will also bring a dedication to the academics, taking very seriously the classes I take in computer science and in math in order to challenge myself.

I am also able to bring a very unique perspective from a diversity point of view, as I am of course black british. But also, I grew up in a rather poor section of East London, attending the local state school, before going to a private school for 6th Form. Having experience in both the worlds of first-world poverty and extreme wealth, I am able to bring a unique perspective that integrates the lifestyles of both worlds I have spent a lot of time in.

It will also be fun to be in the US.

But really i don’t really care what school i go to, as long as there are other smart, fun people there. Learning a lot is fun but even that isn’t really the crux. Just other smart, real people. Not NPCs who have a label “smart” on them, but people who it feels like talking to real humans, like Sammy and Kevin and Oliver, not just Lukes and Nils, though I like them too. Like Vihas and Stasyas

i do wonder how Nilay got in.