Space L Clottey


I guess if you can’t do it in the time limit, that’s the true measure


Random kinomatic exam

Okay, do I now test the strat of doing every question on kinematics? Don’t know how I’m gonna learn it without a tutor.

It’ll take ages to do all the kinematics questions.

What should my goal be? in focusmates:

  1. kinematics graphs
    • Easy
    • Medium
    • Hard
    • Very Hard
  2. variable acceleration 1D
    • Easy
    • Medium
    • Hard
    • Very Hard
  3. constant acceleration 1D
    • Easy
    • Medium
    • Hard
    • Very Hard
  4. variable acceleration 2D
    • Easy
    • Medium
    • Hard
    • Very Hard
  5. constant acceleration 2D
    • Easy
    • Medium
    • Hard
    • Very Hard
  6. projectiles

Okay, should I do all the easy ones for all of it? Can that possibly take only 50 minutes?

Potentially, but if it’s 50 questions that’s a question per minute. It’d have to be like three minutes to do all of them.

But I also need to do the questions in the spec thing.

I need to spend time on this.

It might just be a matter of time.

Maybe start on medium.

But if it takes 50 minutes per level on each one

I might have to not do the mediums.


Maths retake review:


Maths retake paper

Wtf was the site that had a bunch of maths questions exam style? I should probably just do this instead of Dr Frost, despite how much I know I want to do Dr Frost.

So eg. I got an integration question wrong…

it only has 9 questions on normal integration. that’s not great…

Even for integration by parts it only has 9…

Then Dr Frost or Dr Frost before? I don’t want to be going to multiple places for exam questions

Woahh… TheUltimateStudyTool

I guess you start with the ultimatestudytool because they’re old questions and it has the videos. I should start this today.

9 questions isn’t fantastic but if you do all the integration questions it’s like 36 questions.


Also wish there was an easy way to keep track of which ones you’ve done but that’s not necessairly obviously useful.

mathgenie I think also has some questions?

No, it wasn’t maths genie it was physicsandmathstutor.

The physicsandmaths one also has like 8 questions. Not great. but not terrible.

Okay I need to start doing questions.

the savemyexams questions are also pretty good. Actually, I wanna start with savemyexam questions, they seem teh hardest. Then physicsandmaths tutor because they’re OCR. Nope! Savemyexams are OCR. yeah Savemyexams seems definately worth it and the place to start. Maybe tutor can just watch while I answer these tbh.

Savemyexmas best exams.


Okay, I want to finish the cards I have the end of the weekend. How much is that?

Okay, I want to be done

I feel maybe a bit too flighty. Okay, all I have to do is keep doing the maths paper in teh onenote.


Am I gonna have to do it all again?

Step 1: schedule sessions with tutor, like an hour every evening Step 2: schedule tests and stuff in the presence of those tutors Step 3: start doing anki cards yesterday, like a million a day

I also want to print off that georgous physical schedule

Okay, what I’m doing:

I feel like this’ll make me myopic. Do a bunch of questions on each of the topics.


In the meanwhile…

Do anki. This next 50 minutes, just do anki

I don’t want to do excactly the same for the old papers. I can’t learn what I did wrong without seeing the answers. I need a tutor to explain to me what I did wrong on the papers.

The problem with this is understanding what I did wrong when training on those subjects is hard and time consuming

let me print out copies of these papers first.

Is this a good technique:

Okay, TUTOR! I know what you’re for now!

Actually seems okay to begin testing the qeustions with dr frost. They’re way easier than actual exam questions though


Okay, I think that’s a good amount for one day? I think I am on track for finishing trig by tommorrow.



Oh my god what? I can just study compsci off of the spec! And it’s way easier to know what I need to do from that.

That’s like 8 flashcrds.

Uh, okay I figured out how to revise maths and computer science.


Remember this space: you already have amazing econ grades. Oh wait, I might as well look at the feedback they have given me so far.

Even if I fail econ I’ll probably get an A.

Oh wait, but they can tell I don’t pay attention. Or at least Dushy can. ![[Pasted image 20220527113525.png]]

Okay. Might as well first just check online right? yeah. See how other people study econ.

They seem to think learning how to write the essays is valuable. This I agree with. I should write down how to write the essays here, however I have already done this.


Okay, so am I supposed to be able to have chains of reasonining for ALL the content?

I’m sure there’s content that it’s higher value for me to study. I guess I’ll keep doing uplearn? Maybe just making cards of the hardest things or the things I totally forgot? I wish I had notes I could quickly go over. There are PMT notes?

wait PMT totally has summary notes. I can just read these and make cards of what I don’t know, with the spec open on the side as well.


Oh YEAH, the main problem is memorising all the LISTS of positives and negatives. I wish I could make a way to redirive them easily.

Okay, so I technically know all of theme 1 now. I don’t have good examples though. What to do now? Questions?

Questions are boring. But the only way to learn.

Should I start memoring data for questions? Should I ask sir if it’s worth memoring? Yes of course, asking is always good.

I should obvs do all the compsci cards.

Woo! Onto theme 2!

I’m set the finish the entirety of the remainder of the maths I haven’t done yet (including numerical methods) as well as theme 3.3 today. Which I should really do, and which I totally could and want to. Okay, quickly go over compsci.

You fucking smashed that compsci test. Excactly as planned.

Anyway, what’s highest utility to study right now?

Probably stats right? Becuase you can ask Cawdron anything you don’t understand. And you can try to get through as much stats as you can rn.

Okay, sounds about right.

But yeah, don’t worry space: you know how to study compsci.

And you mostly know how to study maths, probably.

Only econ. You need to talk to someone soon.

Jack is good at econ. Ask him.

And ask Kat.

And ask…


All of me…


Okay, am I “finishing maths” today? If I don’t need to do integration by parts then I may have finished integration…?

Woo! Newton rhapson and stuff is easy as fuck. as pie.


Revising computer science using the PMT flashcards is super boring and it’s not even going to work.

There’s stuff from unit seven that I don’t know, like the printer stuff. Maybe I should just do practice questions then learn the stuff that doesn’t come up

Okay, I should go and revise stats.

I mean, revising stats is super easy. Revising econ and compsci is hard.

Actually, I know how to revise compsci. Go over the thing, and make flashcards.

And I know how to revise econ: go over the thing, and make flashcards.

But these will take SO much time and I straight up wouldn’t have the time.

And I can’t just grind a bunch of questions, or only flashcard my mistakes.

I mean, I did make a bunch of flashcards with micro 1.2 and I did do micro 1.2


Okay, that was kinda shitty econ revision. Going from the small spec, and making flashcards based on uplearn and the big spec. But it was better than nothing. I can’t believe it took 2-3 uplearns though for the easiest section. So much left to go… I had planned to do 1.2 today as well. Oh boi

I guess I’ll do practice exam questions or something, have to find them somewhere…

Anyway, onto unit

Okay, I don’t know how to do integration by partial fractions. Uplearn?

Okay, it took ages but I now know how to do all partial fractions. Need to really bang out practice on it though.

I should be able to see any question and know the technique it expects me to do, then grind out questions till I’m getting like perfect.

Did we do integration by parts?

Economics: Ahh! This isn’t working!

I want a tonne of flashcards like PMT. That ask questions like “why…. ?” any thing with why questions. Because it’s a tonne of memorisation.

Uplearn isn’t going to do it for me because it always asks me the most basic questions.

I REALLY need a deck that has everything in it with y questions, then i’m set.

Not just definitions.

Ok this quizlet thing is fine but the backs are TMI!

Okay, what if I didn’t make any flashcards? I mean, I obviously don’t know why the specific tax affects burden the way it does.

Maybe I need to be okay with going slower? This is basically all of micro.

Okay, this is better, but some of those lists are chunky.[Edexcel A-Level Economics Flashcards Quizlet](

I guess the first thing to check when memorising lists is if there’s any other way. See if the exam questions really require you to remember a list.

Okay I basically did 1.2 but pretty shittily. I wonder if I would actually pass an exam based on just 1.2


Okay, I think I need to write down what I’m doing for the other subjects and when, because it seems possible that they’re actually hard.

Am I able to export the macro flashcards to anki? Becuase that’d probably save a lot of time making cards.

Haven’t I seen you somewhere before?

it might be easy though if somene’s already made a deck, and it IS a lot of definitions…

but learning the definitions is easy when studying

BUT maybe not the precise WORDING? Just quick check to see if they’re available

Honestly this one for micro seems pretty great. I mean, why wouldn’t I grind these?

Doing flashcards is kinda boring, but if a lot of micro is flashcards and deifnitions… then I can completely through these out of the way and just do exam prep and understanding actually tricky concepts.

I should change the settings so I can remove cards form the whole thing pretty quickly though,a nd read over all of them to begin with probably.

That’s a lot of cards though. I should be doing like half an hour of anki for everything/day. Minimum. Where was that post about how Evie studied?

Ok, I wonder if that’s the most effective way of studying econ.

Okay, going through spec, going through uplearn. Going over flashcards for vocab, and deleting very librerally.

It’s kinda hard to make a timetable without being able to see it all at once

In the summer exam you will have two papers in one sitting, one for Micro and one for Macro. Both papers will be the same format, some short-answer questions followed by an essay (from a choice of two).

The syllabus points you will need to revise are; Micro (Theme 1, Theme 3.3), Macro (Theme 2, Theme 4.1.1-4.1.3 and 4.1.6).

Okay, I thnk I can just go off the spec??? But should I do a practice exam?

And how quickly to be going off the spec?

And also…

Okay, I have the nice onenote exam page now.

Probably macroecon is my worst econ.

Then computer science then micro

Okay….. how to do this? Multiple goals for things to go through?

I could do all of micro theme one in one day, tommorrow why not.

I’ll do all the content, then start on past exams.

I’m kinda stressed.


I need to look at a practice exam paper

Okay, by the end of today i need my entire revision timetable

I will just look at the spec for computer science

Unfortunately there are no good pre-made flashcard decks for computer science.


This seems too OP, and could be brushing up against what Mr Barraclough said about there not being that many exam questions

Okay, get the spec into onenote4

Okay, did that. But it’s not a nice checklist!!!


I want to finish theme 1 micro before we break up for holiday.

And theme 3.3.

it’s just uplearn at this point

So then cover all of micro by next week? AHH

AHHHHHHHHHH It doesn’t make any sense! There’s too much content! I need to go so much faster, and also somehow do all the requried maths.

Should I just do the maths timetable, then everything else? :(((( and public speaking tomorrow?

How do I make this okay? I can’t work on anything else for the next week.

isaac, physicsandmathstutor

Computer Science 1 Fundamentals of programming

2 Fundamentals of data structures

Stacks and Queues

3 Fundamentals of algorithms

Recursion, in/pre/post order traversal

4 Theory of computation

Composition, abstraction, decomposition and automation

5 Fundamentals of data representation

rational, real, irrational, & natural numbers; analogue to digital converters; Sound conversion process; Recorded sound file size ; Pixel definition, pixel colour encoding and bits per pixel calculation, bitmap graphics definition, Black and White image representation; Vector Graphics; ASCII and Unicode; Binary numbers and conversion; Floating point vs fixed point number systems; Two’s complement floating point conversion, min/max range, rounding error;

6 Fundamentals of computer systems

Von Neumann Architecture, Fetch/Decode/Execute Cycle; Harvard vs von Neumann Architecture; Role of interrupts, interrupt service routine process (saved register states); high level and low level languages; Program translators, compilers vs interpreters; Opcodes and operands – range of addressable memory locations; Assembly Language, Direct and Immediate addressing; Assembly programming – Vernam cipher, Caesar cipher

7 Fundamentals of computer organisation and architecture

Logic gate truth tables, Truth table for seven segment display driver circuit and interpretation; Boolean algebra simplification – De-Morgans; Finite State Machine; Secondary Storage usage cases; CD-RW usage – reading/writing process; Barcode reader, advantages/disadvantages of barcodes in retail/warehouse environment; Biometric property definition, Example of biometric property; RFID tag usage, RFID usage in warehousing

10 Fundamentals of databases

Link between RFID operations and SQL statements



I think having a deadline for each individual topic was a really good idea and makes revision feel urgent every day and I have something very specific to do.

And I think there’s a chance I get really really good. I’m going to sit all of the practice tests I already sat.

Hopefully Oxford isn’t on lockdown over half term then i can go to the event.


Revising trig stuff was super fun and maybe even more addicting than working on painting the portrait.

I need to do practice questions on the book of simple stuff like radians becuase I kept making small mistakes that meant I wasn’t cosistently getting them right.

But it’s pretty easy and I can definately finish those other two tomorrow. What am I supposed to do on sunday? Start differentiation?

Gonna have to do as hard chain and product rule questions that I can, straight to e.

I think I’m supposed to sleep now. I don’t want to though, studying maths is really fun and I would sincerely very happily go on longer. Okay at least I have to write about crying.


When do I wanna do each of these maths things by?

Integration in 4 days. All of integration Actually I should really do them in order. Or at least differentiation and then integration.

I can do minimum 3h/day for each of the 20 days. That’s 60 hours of revision in total. If you can’t learn all of A Level matsh, or even just go over it, in 20h, you’re weak.

Aren’t you?

I think I could do all of integration in 9h. And all of trig in 6h. I probably need a rest day or something. But studying 3h/day is basically nothing.

But also, the questions will NOT be as easy as the ones in hypothesis testing today.

Should I planning fallacy it?

I mean, if I do it this way, then there’s still a tonne of time left over for the other subjects. This isn’t even half of my time.

But feelign confident about maths is important.

Actually, I have enough time that I think I could do it in order, with trig revision first then differentiation then integration.

But I suspect I won’t start feeling good till integraiton.

But that’s okay, I can do the hardest trig questions I can find until I’m getting everything right.

Okay… then what’s wrong here?

This should just be the plan for now, then after the 27th I start revising econ, then after, very briefly, computer science.

But econ revision is fun.

Okay, anything taking up time except for revision…?

OKAY, anything else to be doing now?

How to study during lessons? Might just have to declare it impossible and say it’s fine.

Shouldn’t I be… doing something now?

Oh yeah, moving my schedule down by one day… DUh

Okay, maybe setting focusmates for the specific times I’m working.

Yes, as I don’t have exam tommorrow.

20:00-23:00 is always free, and 3h exam revising is fun?

Prep slot 1, prep slot 2, and then even 2h in the evening.

I also have lunchtimes.

Wow, okay. I’ll set focusmates for prep slot one and two at least for now, and actually keep to them.

Okay, booked a tonne. I should set calendar reminders.

Okay… what else to do?

Random preps.

Being ahead in class seems fun, but only so that you don’t have to bother with understanding what teachers are saying. They are so boring.

Okay, I feel good about this. I feel ready to start revising tommorrow. The crunch starts tommorrow.

I don’t think this needs to be revising during lunchtimes and stuff yet. Unless there’s way more content than I thought.

Can I do all of trig in 6h? Probably.