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EA / Rationality

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Meaningful Activity

Anything Else

Why this college



Need to write a meaningful activity one about ratsoc, and can link in uofb and blah blah blah


What are the powerful moments here?

it is mostly the story of forming the tribe and ratsoc, then these other things pop up around them? Becuase that’s the most leadership thing

too much damn exposition.

and making book clubs.

Okay am spending way too much time on dunbar’s hideout and setup

I need a damn arc. Something to tie it all together, that’s what makes it interesting. Some big mistake I made.

Is it more of just not understanding what community is? And how it exists?

“I didn’t really understand communities until september 2021, but boy did I try” and then just all of me trying to not be lonely? I should still write a draft and then edit it. You’re finishing this draft.

Okay, the community essay has a very good core, because I have tried to be a leader a lot, but it needs a differnet hook, a different perspective. I need to think about this.

But good for one essay done right now.

I could do the communities one but focus it on the moment that I realised it was a failure and that I had done wrong

what did i learn from it? How to successfully run bookclubs and ratsocs

what’s the deeper lesson? To solicit feedback from people more frequently, to not be such an autist about trying to breakdown human things into just one thing

which moment does it focus on?

The school slavery one is fucking tight.

Okay, one about programming at least I think. But that was never hard or stressful. Maybe film stuff. Can relate it all if I can make it stressful. But first, go on a walk. Refresh. THen four and five that’s at least two essays which is enough. I guess I have to write “why this school” for brown and yale at least.

Remaining Essays



Why this college essay

I think I need to know about the unis first right?

How do you bullshit about why you want to go to the college

Meaningful activity

I want to write about film and creative stuff in general

maybe about when creating MISALIGNED the choice between giving up and being sad and making an effort to convince them?

— —





More specific essay plans:

A generic essay about my passion for creation…

Power Essay.

10k essay. yes of course.

moment in time:

overarching story and background story

growth paragraph

cool, essay planned. NEXT!

Escaping Church


Flying for the first time?

Atlas, 50k

where does the story start at a point that makes sense?

Atlas stories:

Adventure: cycling

Quote Mania, normal writing story

Quote Therapy

The 2022 Grinds?

Atlas - realising you can learn from adults

Power - going to EAG

Animation - GhostMolly

Stories, Story structure


  1. Examples of me optimising as a child

    1. also incorrectly optimising

      1. socila stuff

      2. flashcards (maybe put incorrections at the end)

      3. using anki to grind out spanish

  2. getting scholarship to fancy school, outsider

  3. starting a society

  4. ratsoc. expression of love

I should do the ratsoc one.


I have to write this one

This is also a good “why do I want to go to your school” type essay

Should edit it but it’s poorly planned.

Writing in general

Stories, story structure

Yeah, that’s a story

Quote Therapy and Quote Mania are the SAME STORY!

Painting the Portrait

Just a normal expisatory creation essay with nothing fancy