I just finished reading Yudkowsky’s Coming of Age and it was incredible. I want to capture this feeling, this quiet, but important voice in my head saying “You’re not doing something important enough!”

I know, or I think I know, that I only want to do this because Identity, and Replacing Guilt and Sequences basically say you’re only cool if you work on important things. More so Sequences.

I don’t want to publish this to get people to say “Yes, do it” or “here is the way”, but is that because I actually want to care and social rewards are besides that, or because it’s along the identity of A Good World-Saving Rationalist to not need social rewards for these things, to do them because you actually want them done?

I want my motivations to be honest.

I want, I think, for even if my expectations and goals are low, to approach them with ferocity. All Naval wants is to be free and happy, not the save the world, and he cleans up nicely. All Woz wants is to be free and learn and work, and he cleans up nicely.

Eliezer Yudkowsky sets his sights beyond men, not because it’s cool, but because he must.

Come to think of it, Eliezer’s tale seems told in order to put down the themes. He never mentions friends except when relevant to the story,

I don’t want to weild a sword so poorly it’s worthless, or such that it’s stupid for me to even say I’m weilding a sword.

Will I have to not watch cartoons? Will I have to not analyze cartoons?

Is there time?

What do I want?

I want to really know things. I don’t want to hop over any blind spots.

I want to learn.

I want to use the recourses I have wisely.

I want to bound towards locations wisely.

I really really really want to learn, and to do good.

I don’t want to settle for something below for even a moment, for even a second.

I was right, this is an important sequence.

There was a fair bit that I missed, there was that one sequence about meta-ethics that went entirely over my head.

Rationality isn’t just about doing things faster, or more efficient.

Nature can KILL you.

Eliezer Yudokwsky wants someone younger and smarter than him to steamroll him. That’s how he knew his honesty.

Writing is thinking.

Friends… seem so superfluous. So besides the point.

To be free from